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Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life
— Bill Cunningham

Up in Arms Jewelry designer Kara Lubsen is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she draws inspiration from traditional metal-smithing techniques, modern utility and the spirit of nature. Her collections offer distinctive, hand-crafted jewelry for women and men, with each piece designed to instill strength, confidence and vitality in the wearer. 

Up In Arms jewelry is developed around the idea that each piece becomes more beautiful with time, the metals aging and gaining dimension with every wear. Each collection is created with a strong emphasis on comfort and versatility, designing from a place of simplicity and timelessness.

Modern Day Armour
As if we were heading into our everyday battles, it's jewelry that can convey something bold or intimate about ourselves. Whether jewelry is the first or final layer of dress we wear, it has the power to shape our self-perception, as well as that of others we face. In this way, Up In Arms jewelry is meant to be your modern day armor, subtly embodying strength, confidence and individuality.

Our Committment
We are committed to providing all clients with hand-crafted, high quality, consciously made jewelry. Up in Arms makes a unique statement that reflects the heart and hard work imparted in each and every piece.