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Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life.
— Bill Cunningham

Modern Day Armor is exquisite craftsmanship, confidence & fearlessness..."

-UP IN ARMS, Kara Lubsen

Created by Kara Lubsen, UP IN ARMS Jewelry was born from her Williamsburg Brooklyn based studio in 2016 and now open for studio appointments. Intrigued by cultural history of jewelry and the desire to transfer that narrative into her designs, making each UP IN ARMS piece an individual reflection of a cultural and creative journey. 

For Kara there's an energy during the design and creation process that extends into each piece and the person wearing it. The UP IN ARMS Jewelry ethos is the concept that the metals get more beautiful with time, telling a dynamic and tangible story as it ages and gains dimension.

Each collection is meticulously curated, quality tested and made with the finest metals, stones and materials. Placing a strong emphasis on the wearability and universality of her collections, designing from a place of simplicity and timelessness.

What is Modern Day Armor?
We want you to Arm Yourself! We believe, jewelry is either the first or final layer we put on, possessing the power to complete a look and bring confidence to the wearer. As if we were heading into our everyday battles, it's jewelry that shapes how we feel, how we want to be perceived and conveys something bold or intimate. Possessing an ability to empower one with “modern day armor,” each piece symbolizing strength and individuality without appearing effortful.

UP IN ARMS Jewelry continuously strives to offer innovative functional jewelry design that embodies this protection. We invite those new to our brand to explore the various collections and discover each of our interpretations. 

Currently available online, soon in retail spaces - we offer custom made pieces for each consumer to ensure the perfect fit and detail. We primarily utilize silver, with certain pieces featuring leather and optional black diamond details.

Our “Beast” and “Fang” motifs make for a dynamic line of statement pieces that can be worn by themselves or alongside any of the other pieces without appearing overdone.

Our Committment
We are committed to providing all clients with hand-crafted, high quality, consciously made jewelry, UP IN ARMS makes a unique statement that reflects the heart and hard work imparted in each and every piece.