Frequently Asked Questions

How is Up In Arms Jewelry made?

Every piece is designed and assembled at the Up In Arms studio in Brooklyn, NY. Each prototype is hand-carved in wax before being cast at a local casting house in the Manhattan jewelry district. This casting company recycles all their metals and pride themselves on having an environmentally friendly refinery.

For further inquiries about our process, please contact us at


How do I place a custom order?

To inquire about ordering a custom piece of jewelry, please use our contact form or email us directly at 


How do I care for my jewelry?

Up In Arms jewelry is designed to improve with age, becoming more beautiful as the metals tarnishes and dulls.

Each piece of our jewelry is crafted individually, by hand, resulting in the small surface variations and imperfections that make the armor unique.

If you prefer a more refined look, avoid wearing the jewelry while doing rigorous activities and do not wear it with other jewelry that may scratch the surface. Remove jewelry before sleep and store in a box or pouch. Use a polishing cloth to bring back shine.


What if my jewelry needs a repair?

For all repairs, please use our contact form and include a detailed description of the item.